Healthy and Happy New Year 2016

Healthy and Happy New Year 2016

Healthy and Happy New Year 2016 and it really is a realistic possibility, for most people, it may be just a matter of sitting down and having a quality time with planning and setting personal goals for the New Year.

That is the only way to bring about a change in the matters of the physical health and fitness, if they have a direct connection to personal choice and decision making (most do), there are also people in circumstances that are more out of control, and they were in an accident or illness, disease or some other  for something else, but for the relatively healthy people there are no excuses for not improving their physical health and fitness, and there is no static state of being. your physical fitness and health is either going up or it is going down.

Healthy and Happy New Year 2016

 Great Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities, physical exercise routines and habits are similar to eating habits, which are also are a matter of personal choice and decision making. It may take some time to exercise the mind so that it can control the people’s day to day matters, opposed to compulsive behavior. The Question then is, at what point of time does a person’s behavior depend on clear thinking? Or spontaneous action? One way to find out is to write out a list of things to do at the end of the day, and try and get all things done on the list the following day. The list then can reveal how one behaves, and how does the behavior come about, was it circumstance, convenience or something else? Another method is to write a diary, keeping a record of the things done, the only difference is that the diary is more of a mirror, looking backward after the event. Instead of planning ahead of time, before it happens. Writing a list of things to do is really a dynamic way to organize and plan the activities ahead of time, it is deliberate course of action for desired goals and achievements in life, and it really can bring about positive outcomes in life. Do try it.

Healthy and Happy New Year 2016 and beyond

New Years is the perfect occasion to celebrate love, friendships and all the good things in life. Let’s take the time to appreciate what this year has given us and what the new one is about to bring! Happy New Years!

May all your dreams come true. Wishing you a Happy New Years filled with tons of good luck!

New Years is a chance for all of us to leave our mistakes behind and start fresh. Let’s freshen up! Happy New Years!

Thank you for visiting this website, and reading these Healthy and Happy New Year 2016 Greetings!

Have a happy New Year in 2016. Cheers!

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO by Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company is taking the joystick camera idea and refining it, to be more practical, easy to use with user results to prove improved quality videos and images shot while on the move.   The multipurpose hand heldjoy stick camera OSMO has many smart features, the camera lens head is on a stabilizer, enabling the shooting of moving still pictures, video recording and the record audio only mode.  These features have both practical and social applications, the needs and requirements that are in still photography, video and audio recording, making it possible with minimum effort, to record live events fast, with really smooth video results to prove it. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW.

Multipurpose action joy stick camera OSMO
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 Action joystick camera OSMO BY DJI

 Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company have evolved the years to be a very powerful leading High Technology Company, producing commercial unmanned aerial platforms navigation systems.  Also recreational drones like the Phantom series and the next level up into affordable professional use was the Inspire1 model intended more for the professional photographers and videographers with commercial intentions.  The DJI Company is growing and expanding their product line, making innovative and improved products, which are driving the entire recreational and professional civil drone industry forward. Their latest device by Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company is the multipurpose action Joy Stick camera OSMO.

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO
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 Multipurpose action joy stick camera

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO takes 12 Megapixel Still Images, takes 4K video recording, and with the device you can record audio only. For example, if you are gathering content for a story, maybe an article or just for fun, you can choose the audio mode only and record the conversation, then download the standard micro SD card onto a computer and use it as needed.  The DJI multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO does provide a practical solution to the many obstacles that people experience when taking action videos and sometimes even still pictures on the move. The solution is in the camera lens stabilizer gimbal, eliminating the roll, pitch and yaw of the recorded video, and making the still pictures shots clear without any movement blur. The roll, pitch, and yaw can also be set by the operator, using fixed inbuilt level control, and direction of the GPS navigation system, for relevant compass direction point reference.  The swivel head of the camera points to any direction that you want it to point to, no matter how you move as you hold the camera joy stick in your hand.

 Several Zenmuse Gimbal camera head options.

There are three Zenmuse gimbal models with the camera heads available: Zenmuse X3. Zenmuse X5. Zenmuse X5R. The X3 sensor is a size ½.3 inches size. Still resolution: 12 MP. Video resolution: up to 4K (4096 X 2160).  The X5 has a larger sensor, which is a 4/3 Inch size. The still resolution of the X5 is larger than the X3, at 16MP.  Video resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160).    See image below.


Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO
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The camera heads X3 or the X 5 used are the same as what is used in the Inpsire1 model UAV, the quality of the image is excellent. Stock standard the DJI OSMO comes with the X3 swivel camera head, which features, a 12 MB still image capture, 4K video recording, and a 94-degree field view. Additionally, you can capture high definition videos at 120 frames per second. The Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO, offers time lapse and long exposure modes, for taking videos that express a long sequence of time in a short time frame.  The long exposure function enables capturing relatively, colorful moving objects, like the colorful lights of city traffic, or the spin of the planet earth in relation to the far distant stars of the universe.  See the next picture for example.

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO
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 Practical Multipurpose action joy stick camera OSMO.

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO fits the purpose; it is a practical design to be held in one hand, it only weighs 2010 grams, including the battery.  When comparing it to relatively older design of a film/digital camera, which are commonly held by two hands.  The reasons being that camera needs support, so that the images don’t get blurred. However, with the use of the stabilizer gimbal, the practical benefits are increased, making use of a much easier single hand operated joy stick device. It can be raised up above the head, even higher than a square shape camera. Similarly it can be pointed down to capture the imagery of the rocky pavement, turning wheels, swaying blades of grass, unfolding waves, or whatever. Bu pay attention and caution in public places, especially where there are females wearing dresses. Never ever offend people with rude intrusive video capture of others privacy.   Not only is such behavior rude, but it is socially unacceptable, and also legally punishable.

Multipurpose action joystick camera OSMO
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Make fun easy on the eye videos with action joystick camera OSMO

Without doubt, there are many practical uses for the action joy stick camera OSMO. It ships with a neat zip-up carry case including accessories.

OSMO In the Box includes:

  • Handheld Gimbal and Camera × 1
  • Mobile Device Holder × 1
  • Intelligent Battery × 1
  • Storage Case × 1
  • Charger Power Cable × 1
  • Battery Charger × 1
  • UV Filter × 1
  • Micro SD Card × 1(16 GB)
  • Shoulder Strap × 1
  • Rosette Protection Cap × 1
  • Wrist Strap × 1
  • Lens Cap × 1
  • Manuals
  • In the Box
  • Osmo Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines
  • Osmo Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines
  • OSMO In the Box

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Law of attraction marketing

Law of attraction marketing

The concept of the Law of Attraction, though not always called
this name, has been around for decades. First popularized in the
1910 book The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace D.
Wattles, it was solidified as a school of thought in Napoleon
Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich published in 1937.

Then a movie called The Secret was produced and released by
Rhonda Byrne in 2006 and the Law of Attraction entered modern
times. The movie popularized the Law of Attraction and suddenly
millions were enthralled by the idea.

But here is the interesting fact about The Secret. The movie is
a documentary about optimistic thinking, but it was distributed
using a brilliant marketing campaign that included offering
online streaming video movie versions.

The movie’s huge success was directly attributed to the
marketing program that attracted millions of viewers. In other
words, the Law of Attraction was the topic of a movie that used
Law of Attraction marketing to achieve success!

Law of attraction marketing makes sense

The Law of Attraction marketing makes sense. If you concentrate on and believe in what you want to achieve in life, you can succeed. So
what if you apply these intense deeply personal beliefs to real
world marketing to attract customers…which is what you really
want and need to grow your business?

Using the tools that the Law of Attraction principles provide
can help you succeed in business by helping you connect with

Law of attraction marketing

One of the reasons so many people get bogged down in careers
that bring them little satisfaction is fear. There’s plenty to
fear too if you want to live your life afraid all the time.  Fear mechanism can also have effect in the area of self-protection, and to avoid risk taking. In the positive sense, it is good to avoid foolhardy risk taking and losing hard earned savings.

For example, you can fear not being able to pay the bills. You
can fear what other people will think if you start an internet
business. You can fear your family’s reaction to your
entrepreneurial spirit. You can fear how much time an internet
business will require.  But moderation is needed at all levels of life.

Of course, millions of people right now wish they had not been
afraid of starting something new because they lost their
full-time jobs! But regrets of making obvious mistakes are a reminder with memories to wise up, and learn from the mistakes previously made, and never repeat the same mistakes.

One of the advantages of internet marketing is that you can
start part-time if you want. The business will be there to take
it full-time when you are ready. master the concepts of the Law
of Attraction and its application to your business will become
clear. It begins with focus.

The full background story can be found within the official
eBook course, which you can get by following the link below.

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Eco Niche Branding

Eco Niche Branding

Eco Niche branding may work well in the Eco Niche market.

Green marketing or Natural branding, among other things, the whole concept is based on the notion that being environmentally friendly, might be part of a successful marketing strategy, for a product, service or anything.

Most consumers that are savvy enough to realize that they have a vote, with everything that they purchase. Although still a minority, there is a sizeable and ever-growing segment of a particular population, that places much of their consumption decision on their perceptions on how a product will affect the environment and themselves.

Eco Niche Branding natural products

Environmental Niche marketing is also by creating that niche that may not have existed before, but was established by a caring community. Sustainable agriculture, with green marketing and Nature branding.

Eco Niche Branding

Watch this Eco Niche Branding video for a preview of the Audio lecture of eh eBook available online. The Audio course will also become available soon.

Watch the Eco Niche Branding video and share the video link with friends, thanks.

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Delighted New Year 2015

Delighted New Year 2015

Delighted New Year 2015, wish you a fantastic new year fuelled of abundance, happiness, and valued moments.

May the year 2015 be your finest year!

Delighted New Year 2015
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The world could be breaking up in many locations like rye bread loaf baked in a warm stove, but not lose hope, it should settle at some time soon when the heat cools off.
Thanks for your eager initiative in roaming the world wide waters and broad seas and also landing on this one small web of a web site.

Grateful for visitors as well as for every person’s interest in 2015, as well as truly anticipate developing brand-new fresh material in the new year coming up soon.

Thanks to the New Year!

Delighted New Year 2015
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Wishing you a Delighted Holiday period for everyone.
Here is a bit of Einstein to everyone and for the new challenges of the New Year in 2015.

Albert Einstein

I really feel that you are justified in exploring the future with real assurance, due to the fact that you have a method of living where we locate the joy of life as well as the delight of work harmoniously combined. Included in this is the spirit of ambition which pervades your extremely being, and appears to make the day’s job like a pleased child at play.

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Decision-making process

Decision-making process for personal and business use

Making business decisions for profit, everything we decide to do in life, either immediate, short term or later on eventually has an effect.  To self, others or the environment that surround us, whether a family, personal values, social, economic, the green environment, financial or political.  The personal direct ones are; fitness and health, food and nutrition, family and friends, and social ethics.  Here is an Audio Video link to Decision making process explained.

Decision-making process and reflection after the outcome

Do you ever second guess the decisions that you have made?  I guess you do, especially if the decision turned out not so rosy as it first appeared.  Regret can automatically take back the thoughts to the moment of decision, how that point of time could have changed the future.  E.g. while shopping in a mall you go about looking at the display windows as you walk past them, at one of the windows you stop and look closer longer, and then decide to go inside and have a closer look of the items on display, they could be shoes or handbags or clothing.  You know in the back of your mind that the price is way over the top, and that it is way beyond your budget for that given month.  But temptation works slowly but surely and you end up giving in to that illusion of reward that the item is representing to you at the time.  It was the impulse that flicked the switch of no return, no going back on the purchase of the item.  See details to a study course on decision making here,

Decision-making process
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The alternative would have been to have a 3 step plan before going into the shopping mall; a) knowledge of what you need to buy,  b) how much you have to spend c) what your budget is for the that month.
Decision-making process also as a reminder, writing down on a piece of paper the amount that you have for spending on any other items that you may discover on hunting for a sale during that trip to the shopping mall.

The regret may come up on the same day or a few days later, the purchased item may not fit you as it first felt, it may not be as comfortable as it appeared to be.  Maybe the item was shoes which were on a sale but the intended use was not made for that specific use that you needed shoes the most, it was the wrong design for your favorite most needed application.  That is one example when the second guessing starts to roll, and bring alternative idea examples made at the time of purchase:

  • What were you thinking
  • Why did you make the purchase
  • There were so many other alternative locations, places and time to look later and ask for prices
  • You could go back to the retail store and return the item as unwanted

Lessons learned in the Decision making process

The goal of the Decision making process is to train you how to make confident decisions, every time.  Some people will rely more on the process technique and others lean more on the side of intuition, but be cautious with intuition because impulsive buying can easily be powered by intuition.  The safeguard is to use a reliable decision-making process that lays out a plan that clearly shows what the budget is, and where the spending priorities should go to.

Decision-making process, how to make a good decision and what is the best decision? Don’t waste time in making bad decisions, it is the long road, around and around that delays you from your destination and dreams.  Learn to use a formula, a process, on how to make the best decision for your own good. The right decision, how does one know what is the right decision?  A right decision is not impulsive, it is based on real facts, reality, personal values, company values and policy .

The Decision making process is the focus point of the training course, not so much attention on the problem

The objective goal of confident decision making.  It is by knowing what your personal/company values and service policies are.  The decisions are made with understanding and the support of a knowledge base.  It is important to have such knowledge base so that communication and delegation of values/policy can be made with confidence.

How to delegate decision making in a business, first there needs to be a blueprint of the values, policy, and standards, before delegation can be communicated effectively.

A responsible delegation of responsibility to staff subordinates needs clear communication or company orientation training, which in turn points to the owner-managers of the company, have they mastered the art of decision-making, and what are the values and company policy.

Micro management is fine example of disorganized company management and poor communication habit of values and policies.

With a thorough knowledge of personal/company values or policy, communication can be achieved in less time and better results, that subordinates can refer to the resources at their own pleasure.  This also gives more slack and loosens the reins of management to do the work which they have called and trained to do.

Decisions don’t always rely on a process, once the process becomes familiar and second nature then intuition can easily plug in new ideas and inspiration to the evaluation of opportunities and environments of decision making.  But the process is the guide and safe guard for objective goals.

Right decision have the ability to empower, bad decisions and bad outcomes do the opposite, they diminish the positive energy susbstance out of confident decision making.  Maybe not all right decision has the best outcome, some outcomes of even the best decisions have appalling outcomes, but making the right decision is always the best bet.  Decision-making process is resource of a technique made available at the best decision, but if your budget does not allow for a purchase of the product, then don’t do it, make your own research, be honest, transparent in your own thinking, become more familiar with the issues that you wrestle with making decisions, and ask lots of questions.   All the best of luck with your future decisions. –Best decision coach.

Right decision

Right decision is a skill

The Right decision is a skill that can be learned for various reasons.
Decision making is a process and it is important to know how to make the correct calculated decisions, it has been realized by many successful people that decisions are the building blocks of life.
It needs to be based on facts, values a process based with interests or business goals and policy in the process.  It is like a thought out plan in preparation and training before the competitive game is being played out.  Knowing what a right decision is, what does it look like?  Decision making is not always cut and dry there are many variables to events and actions.   But the decision-making process can be improved and refined, so that the right decisions can be made with the best decision in mind.  See a presentation video of the decision-making training from here.

Right decision
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Best decision in the mind

Humans can evaluate and reflect on the decision that they have made, whether it was the best decision.
And knowing after the decision has been made that it still stands, there are no regrets, because it was the best decision at the given time.
Wrong decisions are also possible, and they become more obvious in hindsight.
According to AMI survey 50% of business decisions are wrong decisions, according to a real deal statistic in critical analytics of business decision making.
It is important to focus on the process of decision making and not so much on the decision itself, when confronted with a decision.
Having a handle on a clear process in decision making, allow you to improve your decision-making outcomes.

Creative solution to making a Right decision

Using a list of ideas as a tool in the decision-making process. The creative path to a solution is found with the help of a list of ideas.  Creative decision making allows the brain to invent new links, leads, structures and concepts.
Intuition has its role in the decision-making process. Good decision making brings in logic with intuition.  Evaluating a problem analytically, looking at it logically but these alone may not reveal the problem so creativity is needed to expand a list of ideas that open up the range of possibilities.
Humans have the ability to second-guess the decision that they have made.
The goal of this course in decision making is to introduce a logical sequence to the decision-making process so that decision making can be made with confidence.   Here are some important points to consider:

  • To have the confidence of knowing that you made the best choice
  • Know when you made the best decision
  • You can, at least know that you made the best decision
  • How to make a confident decision
  • A confident decision maker also has the courage to act
  • And knowing after the decision has been made that it still stands, there are no regrets, because it was the best decision at the given time.

Even after the decision has been made and whatever the outcome, the process of the decision making was based on a reliable facts, personal values and business interests and objective goals, and then it was a matter for a conscious selective choice from a hierarchy ladder of values.  If there are no values, then there are no objective goals for decision making and the outcomes can easily become a simple drift and flow manifestation of fatalism.

Decision making is a skill that can be improved and refined with the right, attitude, values, education and training.

it does also require self-discipline and self-control; some people may be impulsive and make moves without any consideration for the sequential outcome.  Make the right decision today by being aware of good decision making. Some of the most basic decisions that people make, may be about personal health; Food & Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise,  Social Well-being.

Errors in decision making may stem from; lack of information,  unreliable information, many conflicting sources of information, temptation or desire and a personal conflict of values.  Not having a reliable reference and a resource, or an anchor when it is needed, means that there is no real factual truth what to base the plan and decisions on, parameters are important.  To training resources on How to make the Right decision.

Right decision
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Decision making optimized

Decision making optimized with a reliable process

Decision-making optimized with a process, there are five tools available for analyzing the decision-making process.

  • Parameters
  • Policy
  • Analysis
  • Judgement
  • Synthesis

Decision making optimized

With these five cognitive tools, decisions can be made
easily, quickly and effectively. You can use these
five tools to become confident in all of the choices
you make.

1.Parameters – requirements.
-what are the things I need?
-What exactly am I looking for?

2.Policy – Rule
-Ex. No physical products, no exceptions.
-Lunch at 12pm every day

-Logical Thinking
-Good planning

4.Judgement –
-Taking in the facts and making your decision

5.Synthesis – Creating
-creating scenarios in your head
-Can I do this with any of my 5 tools?

Remember, not all decisions are necessary. Decisions
that won’t have long-term consequences, don’t have to
be disputed over!

Why waste time? Why? waste your brain energy if you’re
previously made Parameters can take care of the
decisions for you?

Your 5 Tools can help you every day with making
decisions the right way. The first step is to find
these tools and put them to good use!

In my video training, I teach you how to create
parameters you can use for everyday decision making.

Another post soon with  more great tips on how you
can make decisions the right way.

Let me show you how you can have a competitive edge over your competition by knowing how to make the Best decisions in your own interest.

To your success,

Decisions are the building blocks of life.