Coaching – Is It Worth It?

Coaching – Is It Worth It?

Coaching – Is It Worth It?  There will be days when the motivation is not backed up with strong emotions of excitement. Fact, faith and feelings will be the order of the day when the going is tough.

If you work as a business coach, it is your job to train and education business owners, operating managers, and all remaining employees. Running a successful and profitable business starts at the top and works its way down.

Coaching – Is It Worth It? Explain the principle reasons why it is worth it.

Your responsibilities, as a business coach, include getting your client to understand the important aspects of running a business, such as sales, marketing, communication, organization, and conflict resolution. This is an important job and you know this. But, there are some business owners who wonder if using the services of a business coach are worth it. It is also your job to convince them that it is.

Coaching - Is It Worth It?
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You need to convince potential clients that your service is great and more than worth the money. This is nice to know, but how? Continue reading on for a few sample ideas.

You can do so with promotional brochures and free promotional items. Sending a pamphlet outlining your services and how they can increase sales is a great idea, but these brochures often just get thrown in the trash. Include more! Add a free magnet or pen with your company name, address, and phone number. People love and will use free stuff, so your name will get seen. The struggling business owner may literally be stressing about their future and glance over to see your logo in their office.

Coaching - Is It Worth It?
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You can do so by offering discounts. Many of the business owners who use the services of a business coach are struggling. Some are barely staying afloat financially. They need to use their money wisely. Make it seem like they are getting a good deal. Offer a small, but meaningful discount on your services. Also, include extra bonuses in your package. Most business coaches hold training seminars. Include, as a bonus, free printed guides for each employee. These guides allow for later reference, long after your training session has ended.

You can do so by offering free consultations and assessments. As previously stated, most business owner who uses coaches are struggling. Unfortunately, some wait until they are in the red to seek help. Offer free consultations and assessments. Show the business owner or operating manager that they are heading down a dangerous path. Use their records to show what they can expect the next year if swift action is not taken. Then, go into great deal about how you can turn their business around. For example, you will teach that business owner the importance of local and internet marketing, and share unique marketing tactics with them.

You can do so by being a real person. Your job, as a business coach, is a professional one. It is important to stay professional, but business coaches work side-by-side their clients. You need to show these people that you are a real person, more than just a suit. Some struggling business owners fear seeking help because they are afraid that their ideas and actions will be dissected and criticized. Yes, this is your job, but always put a positive spin on things. When soliciting business, never blame a business owner. Comment that they did many great things, but a few simple improvements can do wonders.

In short, business coaching is a valuable service for all small, medium, and large companies. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. For that reason, market yourself, get the word out, and encourage those in trouble to save their business and with your help.

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